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Monday, January 6, 2014

Try These..!

Altough still hard to have a enough money in Indonesia...
I still want to make passive income.. I tried these not in several months but in several days..
Still, money were collected altough doesn't enough yet to withdrawaling.
Maybe you guys interesting to making passive income too, but its still no false to trying.

Try go to :
  • Adfly its really useful to shortening your url,, any of url and many more to making money with it.
  • same with Adfly,to shortening your url and many more to making money with it.
  • BeachPTC its just simple like click, watch, its still PTC and PPV and so on
  • PayPal for your internet transaction that had linking with many banks in Indonesia.
  • 8Share for sharing news etc and making money too...its surely recommended not to spamming.
  • to be continued....

Try these all...
Im sure with a little trying and luck,we all may have passive incomes than hoping our goverment will be cares about their people who lives in poor..!
Im also wanna try some passive incomes from MLM,,but still waiting for more money to joining those MLM... cos we all know there no free register to joining MLM... not like that links above ;)


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