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Friday, March 25, 2011





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Actually I was not a figure pro and cons with the anti-media. But I remain neutral during obscurity meaning of anti media still exist. "Why? So where it is not clear with the anti-media? ", Want to ask really? Okay, before I answer ... I want to play the logic you used to the question I really do not need you to answer here (what does this quiz?!). When you all screamed "ANTI-MEDIA" or even "sham", may I ask this or not ... ANTI MEDIA what you are?,,, Continue if you were talking about Sham, are you a skinhead or some kind? It means that you guys like this ... MEDIA that u were anti, is media like what? How you're showing that you are an anti-media it in a way that how? What a way you spread ANTI MEDIA articles about or by you to make virtual zine about spreading your ANTI-MEDIA or SMS about ANTI-MEDIA or you go to counseling frequently asked questions about what it is ANTI-MEDIA or the other anymore? If you own can not know the answer to "WHICH ARE YOU AS AN ANTI MEDIA?" Means I dare to believe you on definitely confused by these questions next companion! Hehehe ... how you will not be confused if you do not understand the meaning-meaning-philosophical-goal that was mentioned as and ANTI MEDIA?!?!Does MEDIA ever make you lose directly? Did you ever been humiliated by the media? Did you have a PERSONAL grudge with the media? This is your private or personal! Not in your anti-media or skinheads and then you come with me what the word senior or someone elder you make follow-up ANTI MEDIA! Man ... do you have a mind? You are still not free to use your brain if you just following PRO or CONTRA! Especially if you yourself do not understand that YOU ANTI MEDIA it shaped what and how! 

Anti-media is in fact not draw a line aliases to keep a distance / stand behind the line / reverse / build border defenses (just wrote it's called a coward, aka chicken!)! Anti-media also does not mean you should fight and fight, attack and jihad (against the not obviously tired brain with the resistance supernatural / unreal too!)! Anti-media also does not mean to slander behind or revenge or harm or blackmail behind & take advantage from them till bangkrupt (good enough you could blackmail the media for revenge,, kind of filmed it then!)! FOR YOU STILL HAVE NOT UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF MEDIA THAT YOU ANTI YOU THINK THAT FIRST mending "Did WHAT THE MEDIA IS MY ANTI?"!
You guys at scream ANTI MEDIA via zines ... you said it's not what the media! Although the media for their own communities, it still remains essentially media zine! You sermons about ANTI MEDIA via sms SMS spreading ... You said that's not what the media! Keep you busy doing articles about past ANTI MEDIA BLOGS ... you said it's not like what the media ?!?!... After that, you busy yourself if you proud you are an anti media it through the media frenster-facebuk-maisepes ... hey droogs, once again what you said was not a media networking sites?!?! Shucks to say that you all guys ... networking sites and blogs countrymen that just the easiest called MEDIA ... it's all very public! The term is an open house and use for promotional advertising! How not ... if you still do not believe when it went public open house-really-promotion ... you try the same question on google while playing facebuk,,, just type the keyword ANTI-MEDIA or sham or punk or skinhead ANTI MEDIA or whatever you can now own and fun enough if accompanied by the words facebuk-frenster-maisepes ... you click again for the results and tereteteteteretet ... you can see how many pages of results typing your question in Om Gugel! If it is assumed that a figure MEDIA horrific nature paparazzi like a detective with the FBI's ability to continue fanged and need a dish without the need to care about the ethics of work and have the prey of any race Mohawk or balds ... you see how easy it he to get info about the way life of life that we run this! Even elementary school children are already good at looking at google... the people who like it so just do not understand how to find info about our culture!?! Keep you do not accept the existence of which you appear mediated either intentionally or unintentionally, then you shout through the blog or facebuk-frenster-maisepes ... that for me personally FUNNY AND STRANGE PLUS is PATHETIC! May I ask but do not have your own answer here (is this quiz or what?!) ... You guys were yelling because they feel the same disadvantage on media networking site, and blogs it for what? Demands for justice then? Explained to the PUBLIC that you've disadvantage by the media all clarification if you stay straight to anti media then? Or just want to tell your mind "dear diary..." - Sharing - etc - etc - etc? Or something because you need an answer why is this so why is that?? Or ... Just simply make a search for sympathy and sensation then?? If you are demanding justice then you should be very, very spoiled! What is the use of police and National Human Rights Commission and the censors media/media association so? Do not have money to sue for justice, you can still use the State Aid (State that you swear word) for free! You do not learn anything from the incident Prita? If you demand justice and then criticizing the media, you might even demanded so many billions of defamation?!?! What are you doing then? Want to please the coin of anti media care? HA .. HA! If you want to explain to the public even though you still have disadvantage anti media via the kind of networking media-or so on ... so silly to me say so! Because once again I say blogs and networking sites that already SO TOO PUBLIC'S MEDIA! Silly not you shout ANTI MEDIA THROUGH PUBLIC NETWORKING MEDIA?!?! Just wrote like a hole dug his own grave and ask for laughing is it! If you just want to complaining ... congratulations, yes, it turns out you're still sane because you does not complaining to walls or sculptures sort can't found for people willing to be your ears! Moreover if you think about it counseling also spends money ... .. HA HA! If you find an answer why is this so why is that ... why do not you directly ask to the same person? You have to contact the relevant mobile phone, have a leg to meet the relevant, in a mouth to ask directly ... why yelling asked there if you do not intent to embarrass or Revenge or impingement?!?! Satisfied with what you've surrendered round made public only because the media swallowed want revenge?!?!If you are looking for sympathizers of his intention so,, whats wrong with you until you should look for sympathizers coin you care! What do you guys feel if you had any background that could make others so disappointed that simply want to draw attention to attract sympathy for acceptance back again! As a small child who was crying on the floor because grounded when asked for candy ...?!? Find a sensation ...?! WOW ... thumbs up,, sure! Great and brave you really look for sensations in a way like that ... I just do not extremely it if you find a sensation,, I swear ...! That's a behavior you want more again right as patron Indonesian artists who work every day looking for a sensation on the sidelines shooting!

If you still blurry ANTI MEDIA you how to shape it, HOW DO YOU TOLD HOW ANTI YOU ARE? This is Indonesia, Droogs ... realized it was .. in the State that you invective that his name is still POWER AND MONEY most powerful despite no longer the New Order regime! State your diatribe has been much progress in terms of the addition of the lists and the kinds of itself MEDIA! Back again .. if you already know it is the countries that you abused it like so,,, WHAT ARE YOU MEDIA THAT YOU ANTI AND HOW YOU WILL show you HOW ANTI YOU? Would not it be better if you collect a lot of money really keep you guys make their own media for show them IF YOU WAS THERE / exist AND ANTI WITH THE MEDIA featuring foul-rotten OF CULTURE WE ONLY! Making TV station that plays clips Exploited or Cocksparrer or continue any coverage of the Ramones ... MAYDAY by the working-class ... continue to exist in coverage of the workshops and social activities of every scene-gigs-movement-committees, etc ... then coverage of the Our local bands from ancient times until now ... then there is the culinary of chicken with intisari sauce... then there is among our latest news coverage or gigs this week ... there is also coverage of gossip and tv shopping underground promoting our friends' products that will support us more cool - stylish ... all make Indonesian underground party that seemed sure many vote (for sure, it can manifest our dreams will beloved country that we often scorn!) ... even though it's a dream - bullshit - not in accordance with its path - Etc. you say, still, I say it could happen, and it also was the one who called the movement a much more qualified than shouting anti-media in the media too! That there is enough for laughing you just the same people who are smarter than you,,, for example, one of which is usually yes, I am, seing a parody of cynical laughter that was happening right now! POISON with POISON ... snout countered with snout ... BRAIN countered ALSO with BRAIN... NOT WITH MUSCLE! It was obvious to us all if we do not have POWER & MONEY so we can not anything in this country! Except if you live in another country, so you can perform movements that can terrorize the government that ultimately forced the government to more prosperous inhabitants! You're as smart as any fixed does not sell if you do not have a SHEET OF PAPER called diploma ..It is the reality here, Droogs! And I say it's not a dream ... because you have loads of money, you can still make a special tv station for us- do you?!?! You can still make the party too right?!?! Or not at least make the tabloids and local radio right? If you can, why not in want? What should fear to be laughing at, what fear or severity been smashing with friends who feel smarter than you or a senior from you, what you fear can not / can not afford, or hell what?!?! Relax ... there is me who support the REAL movement like that ... than the movement that is not real aka Invisible usually only elevate the ego alone! 
Already .. so first rotate your logic ...! This does not mean I want to show off what how it was so ... not because I commented weird because my face had appeared recently mediated ... hey, still can not believe you if I ever appear mediated? This proves it ... you read what, where, who got this one (this is not the media you read my blog too!)? You also can find my face in the facebuk -frenster-maisepes or any of my other blogs! It looks like you guys told me there was only mediated just in the newspaper or tv then?! Sorry .. If any event, I used it and not proud at all, not like some people out there who get angry do not like for some reason!
Understandably, I am smart people (now you know my degree) so I been made an article on some media when in school ... I still know all, I never carry it the name of the nation and the State when the Sea Games and a group aubade State building on late 90s ... I was often so special extras (because I am a member of the theater besides big fish because I pretty well) and being chased or equal admired artist and film director ... so, I want to show how many times was mediated, I still would not be proud ... because I do really heavy narcissistic like those italic text that you read just now! ;P 

ANTI MEDIA That's why you cry I call it is not clear ... still in vague and blurry ... still raise big ego that results creates the figure of a hypocrite ... still a lot of misguided about what it is meaning-literal-meaning-understanding of philosophy-logic ANTI-MEDIA ... and still ambiguous MEDIA ANTI movement you guys! Anyway it is not clear,, the dark about ANTI MEDIA in Indonesia this ... makes me lazy heard loud screams of ANTI MEDIA! The one says A the other one says B ... which is said ONE some say TWO ... so it is still questionable and can not unites with all, still the same self-righteous about ANTI MEDIA,, right elbow left elbow all ... HAAAA ... BORING ,, BETTER DRINKING BEER & POGO THAN JUST SEE THIS travesty! 
No need to ask you my perceptions about ANTI MEDIA ... lazy me if you want to plagiarism me! It is up to you guys say i sentiment or "do not know well are you??" Aka stupid or stingy or arrogant ... I do not care what your brain says - your mouth - you say about my mind ... which obviously I have enough brains and ingenuitylift for this discourse to the blog belongs to me, because I quite understand and know the consequences I wrote this (maybe nobody likes and or hurt ... Perhaps?! Performance fingers and do not forget to miss it if there yah!) .. and is, this is my blog so at will of my brain-my mind-my mouth would discuss anything! Not so is not it?! NGAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAYYYY!

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