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Saturday, January 9, 2010


Do you belive
In this bullies world,
There's no immortality..
In love,
In relation,
In hope,
In fate,
In wish
In trust...

The only things that surely do
In this foolish world are..
U'll be traitored or traitoring,
U'll be losing or left thou behind,
U'll be passed or denied,
U'll be having or having not,
U'll be working or bullying,
U'll be fooling or to be fooled,
U'll win or lost,
U'll be a boss or a loser,
U'll be crying or laughing,
U'll be evil or saint,

There's only be
Black and White, Win or Loose, Walking Away or Lefting...

Which one is you?
Better be an oppositer than crying for the bullied..
Better nothing than paying the cost of live..
Mirror has cracked and there's no image of the real thou
Pray can change nothing if it done by an evil one...

Believes for nothing in this funny world


dedicated to thou whose gone for mortal happiness from the trusted evil.. thanks for all.



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