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Monday, May 14, 2012

About The Oppressed's Gigs #1

Im here becouse of YOU!
You are my influence.. YOU teached me how to be proud of myself, how to be unemployment workingclass, how to let alcohol-gigs-pogo-Oi!-music-no master no superstar no senior in here-punk-scene-idealism be my part of life..
YOU made me LIKE YOU..
Not made me a superstar!
&so DOES YOU.. YOU are not a superstar eventhought the others MADE YOU a Superstar!
Now, who the pathetic one? Me, YOU, or Them?
Thx 4 made me myself..
Cheers for now!
· · · 26 Maret pukul 4:07 melalui seluler ·

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